About Us

Pebbles Pastries blossomed out of a desire and passion to satisfy the cravings of cake and cheesecake lovers with high quality products at an affordable price and started in February 2007.

It took years of fine tuning, experimenting and testing my own recipes on friends and family to uncover the perfect balance of flavours and textures. The very positive response received from my friends and family gave me the courage to start Pebbles Pastries, and the response of customers has given me the drive to continue to improve existing recipes and add new ones to my repertoire. 

Pebbles Gleaner feature 2009

Pebbles Pastries offered over 30 types of cheesecakes until 2020 during that time we had a store front, a café and went back to baking from home to supply our customers with our delectable treats.


Pebbles Gleaner article 2014

In 2020 Pebbles Pastries decided to change our focus.  After a year of testing and experimenting we have launched a Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix in 2021. Our Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix, which has no eggs or dairy, you do not need a mixer and only 2 ingredients that is currently readily available in everyone’s pantry. It is not only for vegans, but for all who want to take a break from dairy and eggs and who want to whip up a cake quickly without a mixer on any given day.  This is a recipe we have used at Pebble's Pastries for years which we converted to a cake mix.  It is not sweet and it is oh so chocolaty!!